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The primary goal of a media plan is to choose the intended interest group: the general population whom the media arrange endeavors to impact through different types of brand contact. Since media goals are subordinate to promoting and publicizing destinations, it is fundamental to see how the intended interest group is characterized in the showcasing and publicizing targets. The definition could possibly be precisely the same, contingent upon the promoting and publicizing goals and methodologies.

Online Advertising

These days, this is the big one. If you see an advertisement via the Internet (World Wide Web), then it is classified as online advertising.In fact, there are ads on this very page.

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Print Advertising

If an advertisement is printed on paper, be it newspapers, magazines, newsletters, booklets, flyers, direct mail, or anything else that would be considered a portable printed medium.

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Tv&radio advertising

A mass-market form of communication including television and radio, broadcast advertising has, until recently, been the most dominant way to reach a large number of consumers.

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Theater Advertising

Unlike traditional commercials, Public Service Advertisements (PSA) are primarily designed to inform and educate rather than sell a product or service.

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Out Door Advertising

In a nutshell, product placement is the promotion of branded goods and services within the context of a show or movie, rather than as an explicit advertisement.

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Celebrate 2016 in style with our beloved

A relatively new form of advertising, but one that's spreading rapidly, uses cell phones, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and other portable electronic devices with Internet connectivity.

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